Chef of the Month

May Member Meeting Recap – What We Did

On May 1st we had a fantastic presentation presented by Kevin O’ Donnell from D’Artagnan and Chef Max Manthos, Chef de Cuisine of the Lakehouse who presented their signature Chicken entree as well as Ms. Khea Williams who presented her new company Khea’s Cookies and her signature chocolate chip cookie!! They were delicious!
Greg from All Star Specialties gave out Ice cream sandwiches as well, which was a wonderful treat!

We encourage everyone to make an effort to come to the Monthly Member meetings

Attached is some additional information on D’Artagnan as well as Khea’s Cookies,and photos from the evening. There is also a video on Chef Max Manthos demoing the breakdown of a whole Chicken from D’Artagnan posted on the ACFLI website at


Kevin O’ Donnell from D’Artagnan and Chef Max Manthos from the Lakhouse.

Kevin O’ Donnell from D’Artagnan

Signature Chicken Entree at the Lakehouse in Bay shore!


Ms. Khea Williams – Khea’s Cookies