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 Resume Honesty-Is Yours?

Michael Worthington from resumedoctor.com states that if you are prepared to lie on your resume, be prepared to get caught. Competition for jobs is becoming fiercer and companies realize they have more options to choose from. Background checks are becoming more common prior to an offer of employment.
According to a recent survey by resumedoctor.com, recruiters and hiring managers stated the most common misleading information being put on resumes is:

  • Inflated titles
  • Inaccurate dates to cover up job hopping or gaps of employment
  • Unfinished degrees, inflated education or “purchasing” degrees that do not mean anything
  • Inflated salaries
  • Inflated accomplishments
  • Out and out lies in regards to specific roles and duties, inflated salaries

If you convince your employer you are more experienced than you really are, you will be expected to demonstrate the necessary skills when you need to. So before you falsely represent yourself on your resume, think twice and know the consequences, not only financially but it could also prove to be a huge source of embarrassment.