February Virtual Meeting

February Virtual Meeting

Please join us on Monday February 1st for our Virtual Monthly Member Meeting at 6pm.  Our Educational demo will be presented by Kristin Gerbino a Fisheries Specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program.

In her 17 years at Cornell, Kristin has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with the commercial and recreational fishing industry which focused on a range of interesting and important efforts ranging from conservation gear technology research to marine debris removal. Cornell Cooperative Extension has recently received a grant to raise awareness and promote consumption of local seafood in their “Choose Local F.I.S.H.” marketing campaign. Kristin has spearheaded this effort to educate consumers on the fact that local “F.I.S.H.“ is Fresh, Indigenous, Sustainable and Healthy. As the pandemic leaves the fishing and restaurant industries reeling, this is an opportune time to increase awareness and demand for local seafood which will help to support these critical Long Island industries during this difficult time. 

Through “Seafood Literacy” presentations, Cornell Cooperative Extension aims to increase the knowledge, presence and demand for local seafood across Long Island. This presentation is designed to educate culinary professionals on important and relevant seafood topics including: the background of the seafood industry on Long Island; challenges of the seafood industry; imported vs. domestic seafood; seafood trends; the health, environmental and economic benefits of local seafood; comprehensive list of local species; underutilized, undiscovered and less expensive seafood choices; sustainability; and tools for assisting with informed seafood decisions. 

We encourage everyone to attend and invite a guest! 

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