Ready Set Cook Competition

On Monday November 5th we held our annual Ready Set Cook Competition for the local High School BOCES students at Millikan Tech in Oakdale.  

The market basket competition pairs a team of students with an industry Chef to act as an advisor with each team presenting 2 plates for tasting and evaluation. The competition was sponsored by The Culinary Institute of New York at Monroe College.


All students competing were winners and received CINY scholarships. The top 3 teams were announced and the final placing will be announced at the Chapters Award Gala in March. The winning team will receive an ACFLI medallion, a CINY Scholarship and a custom chef jacket. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will receive an ACFLI medallion and a CINY Scholarship!!!


In conjunction with our Ready Set Cook Competition we also had our cook off for the ACFLI Chapter Chef of the Year!! Our 3 nominees did an amazing job!!! The winner was…. we are not telling …. ya have to wait until March at our Awards Gala to find out!!

Thank you all who attended and participated in this year’s competition!!


Ready Set Cook Competition 










Chef of the Year Cook off